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About Us

South Asia Exact (SAE), with over 20 years of experience supplying
high quality pipes and fittings specifically for water
supply and soil, waste and ventilation (S.W.V.),
is one of the leading brand in Malaysia.


SAE pipes and fittings are manufactured at Tasek Industrial Estate, Perak and Balakong, Selangor respectively. We have 2 distinctive brands namely SA for pipes and EXACT for fittings in order to facilitate the learning of the instrinsic quality of SAE products. Through the years, the company has been actively upgrading its technology and production machineries to achieve its objective of improving efficiency, together with product superiority in order to win total customers’ confidence and satisfaction. SAE products are manufactured with stringent quality control.

Our effort to continuously improve on quality and reliability over the years has been rewarded with the accreditation of ISO 9001 certification. Our products are also certified to the relevant Malaysia and British standards by SIRIM, the Malaysian standards authority. Along with Ikram and SPAN approval, Malaysian local authorities have approved the use of SAE products in projects under their jurisdiction. SAE has contributed significantly towards national development over the years. The combined experience and resources of 2 major pipes and fittings manufacturers bring to the market warranty for your S.W.V. and pressure system for all your building and construction needs.

Our Achievement